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The ZNB Travel Agency operates in Croatia with an aspiration to present the Croatian medical knowledge, natural resources and treatment possibilities. Croatia offers many natural resources, unique in this part of the Europe such as natural water resources, spa and rehabilitation treatments.
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PAPIMI – treatment / rehabilitation

Maintenance of health and wellness.

Papimi device is a pulsed magnetic field generator. The application of the Papimi pulsed magnetic field is not only limited to treatment / rehabilitation, but it also supports maintenance of health and wellness. In addition, it improves athletic performance, as it has been repeatedly confirmed by scientific research and thousands of users worldwide.


The secret of success lies in the characteristics of the magnetic pulses emitted. More specifically, the pulses are very short in duration (instant) but carrying extremely high power. Thus, high penetration is achieved even in deeper tissues. In short, for all these reasons, the Papimi device offers impressive results in a wide range of applications, including:

OXYGEN THERAPY, also known as supplemental oxygen, is the use of oxygen as a treatment.


Oxygen therapy in magnetic field (multi-step supplementary therapy by Prof. von Ardenne, Ph.D) is a special type of supplementary treatment that is in our center most frequently applied in diseases of the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy) or in attacks of arrhythmia (paroxysmal fibrillation or atrial undulation),Headaches, Chronic fatigue.

The therapy is non-invasive, painless and pleasing to the patient. During the treatment, the patient holds a mask through which he inhales the oxygen.

The therapy in patients with chronic diseases of the heart muscle lasts ten days, and is carried out in daily 30-minute sessions. Before the first and after the last treatment, u/s of the heart is done.


Bioresonance machine Sensitiv Imago and diagnostic program LifeStream perform*:

  • Express evaluation of health state.
  • Analysis of homeostasis systemic disorders.
  • Detection of the most weakened systems in organism.
  • Establishment of presumptive diagnoses (etalon-similar to process diagnoses).
  • Detection of diseases in their risk stage.
  • Localisation of pathological microflora, its activity range and distribution zones.
  • Localisation of hidden microflora.
  • Determination of acid-alkaline balance in tissues (hidden microflora).
  • Detection of unstable laboratory indicators (their qualitative evaluation).
  • Detection of hereditary predisposition to some diseases.
  • Evaluation of allergens.
  • Characteristics of changes in organs: inflammatory and degenerative.
  • Selection and testing of medication (vegeto-test).
  • Recommendations for health recovery.
  • Heath-improving possibilities (frequency compensation, bioresonance therapy).
  • Preparation of informational medication (spectronosods).
  • Determination of energy-informational harmfulness degree on the organism.
  • Localization of contaminants i.e. degree of their accumulation in organism: mycotoxins, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates and nitrites, fungicides, heavy metals
  • Determination of accumulation degree of dangerous E-supplements (food additives).
All prices are tailor made, formed individually for each client, based on the clients request, depending on type, amount and duration of requested services and in line with regular prices of the service provider.
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