As an organizer of your travel, the Agency guarantees implementation of the program as described in the arrangement that they organize and that you have received. The content of arrangement will be realized in full and as described above, except in case of exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, sanitary problems, natural disasters, local authorities etc.)

The agency organizes all kinds of travel at home and abroad. Trips are organized in the form of ready-made programme packages or programmes according to specific requirements. As a SUBAGENT the agency also sells programmes of other tour operators in an intermediary, where the responsible programme organizer is indicated on every package. The package is considered agreed – concluded after signing the concluded travel arrangement or business cooperation contract when the contract is concluded for a group of passengers, or upon payment of the entire amount of the package price or part of the amount with the undisputed insurance payment of the balance.

By signing any such contract or payment of the full amount of the package price or a deposit, it is considered that the user understands the arrangement of the general terms and conditions of the contract and that he fully accepts them as the sole basis for the regulation of the mutual rights and obligations. The Traveller provides personal information voluntarily and they are required for processing the requested services. The Agency agrees not to disclose the personal information of passengers out of the country to a third party except for the purpose of carrying out requested services. An exception to providing to third parties is insurance companies to which the personal data will be forwarded if the traveller concludes a travel insurance policy. Travellers’ personal data will be kept in the database of the Agency and can be used for the agency promotional activities.



Registrations for the trip are received at the travel Znb Travel agency. 

– When registering the customer pays 30% of the arrangement, and the remaining 70% of the amount is to be paid no later than 15 days prior to departure, except in cases when contractual terms of payment are specified or stipulated for some particular travels when the deadline to early travel is less than 15 days.

– For bookings on request, an advance is paid according to the price list of the organizers. The Agency will not accept reservation application on request without advance payment. If the traveller does not accept confirmed reservation that was made on his request, the agency will keep the advance money to cover the cost of the reservation.

– In the case of a paid and confirmed travel arrangement (package), every change of travel date and/or participant will be paid according to the price list and the rules of the company. In the case of booking of the programme organized by other, domestic or foreign travel agencies, ‘Instructions and Conditions’ of the travel organizer.



The content of the travel package defines the price of the package, or correspondingly the price includes everything the tour organizer (the agency) stated in the travel programme. Additional services are not included in the price and therefore the traveller pays them separately. These additional services should be requested when registering and shall be added to the package price. Additional/optional and special services requested during the travel are to be paid directly to the tourist guide (or representative) of the company during the tour and in the local currency of the country where the service is provided. Package prices are published in HRK (Croatian Kuna), and calculated according to the prices of services in the reference currency on base of the selling rate of the tour organizer’s commercial bank on a given day. In the case of exchange rate variations by more than 2%, Znb Travel reserves the right to change prices. The organizer reserves the right to change the prices in case of modifications in the price of accommodation, food, transport and other services, i.e. in the case of change in the value of the currencies that are the basis for calculating the arrangement price. The consent of the customer is not required to increase the package price up to 10% (the increase is calculated on all parts of the payment). In the case of a price increase of more than 10%, the buyer has the right to cancel the travel without obligation of reparation.



Offered accommodation facilities, restaurants, means of transport, etc. are described by the official categorization at the time of the programme issue. Standards of accommodation, food, services, etc., of places and countries, are different and not comparable. Information provided to the traveller at the point of sale or does not oblige the organizer larger than the information issued in the travel programme.

If the user of the travel arrangement (or Package) has not specifically requested so, i.e. if additional payment is necessary, or if he has paid additionally for a special category or form of transport and accommodation, he will accept any officially registered room for rent in the premises, or any place in a vehicle, which is operated during the implementation of the travel arrangement.



The tour operator has the right to change the programme if exceptional circumstances that cannot be predicted, avoided, or removed (see article 1).  occur. Arranged accommodation can be replaced only by accommodation in a facility of the same or higher category, at the expense of the service provider.



The traveller that applies for a travel abroad must have valid identity documents. If the trip requires a visa for entry to a particular country, the agency will inform passengers about the documents required to obtain a visa. Travellers collect the necessary documentation and submit it to the competent embassy. The organizer shall issue a certificate about the reservation made by the traveller who attaches it to the other documentation.  The organizer (Agency) does not guarantee the obtainment and the validity of the visa.



1. The Organizer shall reserve the right to terminate the package travel contract prior to the start of the package arrangement if the Organizer was prevented in the execution of the contract by unavoidable circumstances and if they inform the passenger on contract termination without unnecessary delay prior to the start of the package arrangement. 

2. The Organizer shall also reserve the right to terminate the contract when the number of persons registered for a package arrangement is lower than the number of passengers stated in the package travel contact and if the Organizer informs the passenger on contract termination within the period stated in the contract, but no later than: 

– 20 days prior to the start of the package arrangement, if the travel lasts more than 6 days

– 7 days prior to the start of the package arrangement, if the travel lasts between 2 and 6 days

– 48 hours prior to the start of the package arrangement, if the travel lasts less than 2 days.

3. In the event of contract termination for reasons stated under items 1 and 2, the Organizer shall refund the passenger in full for all payments made for the package arrangement, without any compensation for damages to the passenger, no later than 14 days from the date of contract termination. 



If a customer wants to cancel the trip, he must do so in writing only. The date of receipt of the written cancellation and other documentation that justifies the cancellation, at the office of the Agency, forms the basis for the calculation of the costs incurred: 



-for cancellation up to 30 days before travel

20% of the price

-for cancellations 29-22 days prior to departure

30% of the price

-for cancellations 21-15 days prior to departure

40% of the price

-for cancellations 14-08 days prior to departure

80% of the price

– for cancellation of 7 days to the day of departure

100% of the price

If a customer anticipates during the booking process that he may have to cancel the trip for some reason, we recommend the booking of a cancellation insurance. Cancellation insurance policies cannot be paid afterwards, only during registration for the journey. In case of cancellation, the visa application costs are non-refundable even in the event that the traveller has a cancellation insurance. By paying a cancellation insurance, the traveller files all claims with the insurance company whose insurance policy against cancellation he possesses, and Znb travel agency is obligated to provide all necessary documentation for the passengers to claim damages from the insurance company, which refer to the arrangement. All termination conditions are stated in the insurance policy and the Agency recommends that travellers read them personally.

The cancellation of the entire group in order to change the destination or replace the tour organizer prevents the right of return of any part of the payment to the arrangements users.

If the passenger cancels the arrangement, the above cancellation charges are applied. Refunds to the arrangement user shall be performed only with the return of the original payment receipt to the Agency, and by signing the receipt of return.



The organizer is obliged to ensure that the service are performed and selection of employees is done with a care of a good organizer, to take care of travellers’ rights and interests in accordance with good practices in tourism. Organizer is obliged to issue the appropriate documents for the paid travel. The organizer will not be responsible in case of changes and default services caused by force majeure (article 1), and due to delays in transportation, where the carrier does not correspond to the applicable regulations and international conventions. In such cases, the traveller is responsible for all additional costs without the right to a refund of the costs by the Agency.

The traveller is required :

– to have valid travel documents (identity documents). The cost of loss or theft of personal documents is covered by a passenger. Associate or representative of the organizer will assist the traveller in the above situation, provided that the travel programme goes unhindered.

– to be vaccinated and have confirmation and documentation of vaccination for travelling to the country for which it is required under the regulations of the ‘World Health Organization’. In this case, the traveller attaches the medical certificate. Lack of such documents and / or irregularity of personal travel documents that lead to withdrawal from the travel or inability to travel do not oblige the travel organizer and cancellation expenses stated in article 8 of the General Conditions of travel and organization of travel arrangements are calculated.

– to respect the customs and currency regulations of the Republic of Croatian, as well as countries of stay during the trip

– to obey house rules in all the visited facilities and to cooperate with service providers in good faith

– to follow the instructions and cooperate with tourist associate and / or a representative of travel

– to present a document on paid arrangement (voucher) at departure on travel to associate or representative of the organizers at the time of departure; this paragraph applies only to organized group travel. In the case of non-compliance with some of these obligations, the traveller is responsible to the tour operator for damages. 



Luggage is transported at travellers’ risk, therefore it is recommended to insure the luggage with an insurance company. The tour operator is not responsible for damaged or lost luggage nor for the theft of luggage or valuables in the hotel (safe rent recommended). In the case of damaged or lost luggage, he addresses the transporter, airline, or the reception of the accommodation object, depending where the damage or loss occurred. 



Pursuant to the provision of services in Tourism, agency employees are obliged to offer travel insurance ‘package’ which consists of voluntary health insurance during their stay abroad, insurance against accidents, baggage insurance, and cancellation insurance. By signing the contract, the customer confirms that he was offered a package of travel insurance. If a passenger requires the above mentioned insurances, they can be arranged directly with the insurance company or through the Znb travel agency, while the Znb travel agency, acts only as an intermediary. By signing the travel contract, the above-mentioned insurances shall be deemed to have been offered and recommended to the travellers.


In case of loss or damage / destruction of luggage during transport of the same in the official means of transport to enable the arrangement, claims in terms of compensation shall be sent to the Carrier only. In the case of theft – the disappearance of luggage from accommodation facilities in which the arrangement is implemented, the arrangement user achieves his receivables from the owners of accommodation. As an exception in the case when the user concluded baggage travel insurance through the Agency, the Agency shall provide in terms of damages over the Insurer while the only discretion right of the Insurer is to admit or remove the right to compensation, depending on the circumstances established.



In some programmes, specific rules are listed for the travels that include mandatory vaccination and procurement of relevant documents. The traveller is required to make the mandatory vaccination as well as to have the certificates and documents about it.



Insurance data: 


Insurer UNIQA osiguranje d.d.

Insurance policy for package tours organizer

The subject of insurance:

– Liability insurance of package tours organizer

– Ensuring guarantee of package tours 

In case of activating insurance, you are obliged besides presenting the Agreement concluded on a package tour or other form of contract on business cooperation, as well as mandatory and genuine copies of receipts for payments to the Agency, contact UNIQA osiguranje d.d. as soon as possible in order to collect your receivables.


The valid Croatian legislation is applied in the resolution of all disputes arising under these General Terms and Conditions, and in charge to address them is the competent court in the Republic of Croatia.

The administrative supervision of the use of the Law on Providing Tourism Services and regulations issued under the Law on providing Tourism services is carried out by the Ministry of Tourism. The Inspection Supervision of the implementation of the Law on Providing Tourism Services and regulations issued under the Law on providing Tourism Services and individual acts, conditions and working methods of supervised legal and natural persons shall be conducted by the Ministry of Tourism- Independent sector tourist inspection, Republic of Croatia 8/1, 10 000 Zagreb according to the Law on providing Tourism Services.

These General Terms and Conditions shall take effect and apply as of 01.04.2018.

For all cases not defined by these General Conditions, the provisions of the Law on Obligations are applied.