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The ZNB Travel Agency operates in Croatia with an aspiration to present the Croatian medical knowledge, natural resources and treatment possibilities. Croatia offers many natural resources, unique in this part of the Europe such as natural water resources, spa and rehabilitation treatments.
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Energy healing therapy

Relieving emotional stress…

After experiencing an unusual ability to heal by touch, and with personal curiosity to discover the possibilities of application of his hereditary abilities, energetic therapist Goran Ergović has over 30 years of active experience in bioenergy therapeutic treatments.He is a telecommunications engineer by profession, and in addition to a number of other comparative knowledge in the area of ​​bioenergo-ecology of space and research on geomagnetic radiation effects on health, at the beginning of the 90s he studied ways of protecting from unstable magnetic fields and nonionizing radiations. The result of his work was crowned at the 43rd World Innovation and Technical Improvement Exhibition of EUREKA BRUSSELS in 1993 with two bronze medals for the innovation of the geopathogenic radiation neutralizer ENERGODISK “VEKTOR” and for this was awarded with the INVENTIC honorary award awarded by the Romanian Academy of Innovation Commission science.
Today, with his work he applies comparatively and holistically his expertise in solving the health problems that his clients encounter: from the protection of work and living space through classical massage therapeutic techniques to the application of many bioenergetic therapeutic techniques suitable for the disadvantage or the problem that his customers face.

In his practice, he applies several quality energy therapy treatments:
– personal bioenergy potential (inherited and through the practice of developed characteristics)
– ACCESS BARS technique
– ACCESS Face-Lifting Technique
– Craniocervical Relaxation – Personal Technique of Non-Invasive Cervical and Facial Relaxation
– ANAHATA CLAVICULA is a personal technique of relieving emotional stress

ACCESS BARS is a technique developed 25 years ago by Gary Douglas (USA), the founder of Access Consciousness. By stimulating 32 specific points on the head this technique energizes the neurological system by reactivating and opening a whole series of subconscious energy states. With these points (the so-called “BARS” position), the programs we have formed during our lives are freed and reset. They are often an obstacle to overcoming our problems and difficulties. Opening the way to the solution of the problem is achieved through the establishment of questions that open the options and the possibilities of dismissal, presenting the moment of reflection and acceptance of the problem as such.

The technique of ACCESS BARS operates on a series of neuroenergetic states and normalization is established such as:
• Releasing exhaustion and revitalizing the energy of the body
• Greater and easier flow of energy in the body
• Releasing tension, anxiety and stress in the mind and body
• Feeling of peace and complete relaxation
• Mind-numbing and slowing down unstable mental processes
• Improved perception and intuition, anxiety dislocation
• Facilitating the establishment of feelings of joy and positive mood
• Greater sensitivity to the world and the environment, people and situations
• A more permanent state of energy stability and vitality

All prices are tailor made, formed individually for each client, based on the clients request, depending on type, amount and duration of requested services and in line with regular prices of the service provider.
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