The ZNB Travel Agency operates in Croatia with an aspiration to present the Croatian medical knowledge, natural resources and treatment possibilities. Croatia offers many natural resources, unique in this part of the Europe such as natural water resources, spa and rehabilitation treatments.
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Physical, mental, and spiritual practices to bring peace and harmony to Your life!

Mirna is a certified Yoga Teacher (YT200) who completed her training at Gaia Yoga School, and teaches the dynamic styles of Vinyasu and Ashtang.

For her yoga is much more than the physical aspect of asanas. The real part of her practice are breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation. Positive energy with a long-standing experience, knowledge and love of yoga has become a way of life. She can teach all levels of yoga from beginner to advanced level.

Allow her to share it with you and enter in a completely new life experience of peace, love, maturity and positive energy. Welcome!


Jasmina Žiljak Ilinčić, is a long-time practitioner of hatha yoga, and a Yoga school student at Studio One, Split. She is also a yoga instructor with 200 hr yoga Alliance International and Croatian Certificate.

Ha represents the sun’s energy, and “tha” represents the moonlight.
They represent the unity of contradiction in us (sun and moon, strong and gentle mind and spirit), as well as the power of will.

Hatha yoga is a classic style of yoga that emphasizes the proper performance of the position (asanas), harmonious breathing, giptous and endurance. This kind of yoga, from which all other styles came from, is intended for all levels of training because it allows a short break between each asan, which is ideal for beginners and older people. Complex variations of basic asanas and extended body retention time in a given asan provide an additional challenge for more advanced practitioners. Exercise can be performed regardless of your physical condition or age, because these exercises are good for everyone. Yoga positions are designed to streamline your body, mind, and spirit.
The goal of this yoga practice is to relieve stress, relax, energize, and achieve a more complete awareness of ourselves.

Class of hatha yoga lasts 60 ‘and includes Asane (Yoga positions), Greetings to the Sun, Pranayam (breathing exercises) and Meditation.

All prices are tailor made, formed individually for each client, based on the clients request, depending on type, amount and duration of requested services and in line with regular prices of the service provider.
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